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Carrot Soup

John Segal



Rabbit, a very organized animal, loves carrot soup. He spends the long winter paging through carrot catalogs (a full-page spread shows the different colors, shapes, and sizes of eight kinds of carrots). Then he plows and plants, waters and weeds, and waits. Finally it's time to harvest, but when he goes to pick the carrots, they are all gone. He frantically questions all the animals he knows, but not one admits to liking carrots. "Discouraged and disappointed, Rabbit went home," where he discovered a wonderful surprise.

About the Author

John Segal has illustrated many books for children, including Kenneth Grahame's The Reluctant Dragon, retold by Robert D. San Souci, and The Musicians of Bremen by Jane Yolen. His drawings have appeared in the Wall Street Journal, the New York Times, Gourmet, and Travel & Leisure, and he is an award-winning designer of greeting cards for the Museum of Modern Art. This is the first book he has both written and illustrated.

John Segal

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