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A Greener Tomorrow Starts Today

The Forest Man (2nd - 4th)

Anne Matheson


Grades 2-4

After years of harsh monsoon seasons, a forest on the river island of Majuli is in danger of being slowly washed away. Jadav, a boy living on the island, is determined to save the forest he loves.

This is the true story of how one young boy dedicated his life to creating and cultivating an expansive forest that continues to grow to this day. In a world impacted by climate change, Jadav Payeng’s inspirational story shows how one person’s contributions can make a difference in helping to save our environment.

About the Author

Anne Matheson is an author with a deep passion for storytelling that inspires positive change. With a background in publishing and a profound love for the natural world, Anne's book focuses on themes of conservation, sustainability, and the incredible impact that one person can have on our environment. Through her writing, Anne Matheson hopes to inspire children to appreciate the natural world, take action in preserving it, and recognize that, like Jadav Payeng, each of us can contribute to the protection of our environment.

Anne Matheson

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